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The existence of a pay wage gap between men and women in the workplace is a subject that has been debated over for a very long time. Some people doubt the wage gap while others believe in in. I am one who believes that the wage gap exists and is a crucial obstacle supporting sexism in the workplace. An article in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix supported the existence of the wage gap and proved that is occurs closer to home than expected. The article states that “[t]he 363 women who held teaching jobs at the [University of Saskatoon] took home an average of $152,200 last year — $11,575, or eight per cent, less than the average pay of the 645 men in similar positions, whose salaries averaged $163,775 ” (Macpherson). I have known of the existence of the wage gap for a few years, but I never thought that it existed in cities so near to my own. This causes me to wonder about the possibility of unequal pay in my own city. After researching, I found that “[i]n Regina, women make [seventy-three] cents for every dollar a man makes,” and that in “Regina is the eighth worst of Canada’s largest [swenty-five] cities if you are a woman” (Bare). Meaning that, in a study done of the twenty five largest cities in Canada, Regina is the eighth slot for the highest wage gap between men and women. This study breaks my heart. It does so because I know now that one day i may earn less income than a man in my same position only because I am a woman. There is no factor of experience, knowledge, or ability, only sex. I know now that no matter how hard I work, or how much i excel in my field, it may not matter because of my sex. I have always believed that an employee should earn their pay with hard work, but it appears as though society disagrees.