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While reading these posts, you may have had a few questions. What would equality improve in the workplace? Are women the only ones that would benefit from equality? Why is this girl so obsessed with equality in the workplace? Today, I am going to answer these questions. To begin, equality is the ethical outcome, but it also it associated with “[i]mproved  national productivity and economic growth, [i]ncreased organisational performance, [e]nhanced ability of companies to attract talent and retain employees, [and][e]nhanced organisational reputation” (About Workplace Gender Equality). Women are not the only ones receiving benefits from gender equality. Michael Kimmel presented a TED Talk explaining that gender equality is positive for men, and he urges men to support gender equality. The video of his TED talk is below if you are interested in watching it. Michael explains that gender equality

is good for the kind of lives we want to live, because young men especially                           have changed enormously, and they want to have lives that are animated by                   terrific relationships with their children. They expect their partners, their                         spouses, their wives, to work outside the home and be just as committed to                         their careers as they are” (Kimmel).

Finally, I am going to explain why equality in the workplace is important to me. I have always been a hard-working, high achieving person. I have also always been an accepting person. These two traits have led me to strive for an environment in which there are no barriers stopping me from reaching a goal, including my sex. I still do not understand why someone wold judge and discriminate someone for something that is uncontrollable, and I believe that it is our work ethic and abilities that should be relevant at our place of work rather than our sex. I hope that by spreading awareness, we will one day be able to destroy sexism in all environments.